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emo The dawn of victory in New World comes from New Wo

1 мес. 3 нед. назад #8668

The Marauders is a militarist faction dedicated to strength, discipline and order. Fighting for a free Aeternum is their eternal belief. Rewards in their system will be above all else, and only the strong can survive under their rule. They believe that the people in Aeternum can flourish only if they survive in such a society, because they have proven their worth through continuous crusades. And only if you have enough New World Coins can your value be sublimated.
Once you have selected the Marauders, then using New World Gold to continuously upgrade to improve your strength is your only goal. Not only can you obtain New World Coins directly in the game, but you can also purchase them on the NewWorldCoins website. They not only have very fast delivery speed, but also extremely favorable selling prices.

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